Plan For Success

planI thought I would share this simple marketing plan that I use for my online business and share how this plan works and how you can use the insights provided to establish one to help you build your online  business. I  believe this to be a critical part of setting the scene in establishing a solid sustainable business for the future.

For any business to be successful and sustainable you need to consider different pathways to help you achieve marketplace success. I have used what I call a “multiple pathways plan” many times in my career which has been very useful in setting a clear direction whether it building brands or seeking  opportunities to grow in the market. This plan has helped me undercover many insights and stay focus on what is important.


It is a simple but solid plan that helps you consider your goal, your pathways and opportunities, potential barriers, mitigation strategies, keeping your score on how you are going, and what it looks like if you achieve your goal. In the purpose of demonstrating how it works see the items below:

1. The first thing to do is to establish your goal. What do you want to achieve? What will drive you to succeed? Try to visualise it and picture how it makes you feel. Get Passionate!

2. Consider all the different pathways that you can think of that are going to help you achieve your goal. e,g. Blogging, writing articles, banner adds, back-linking, social media and talking in forums etc. Here is a great quote that I use when working through this. “Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box’. Consider all your options.

Plan For Success

3. Now it’s time to dive a little deeper to select actions you are going to take in regards to the pathways you have identified. Remember to select what is priority. It’s important to understand you cannot achieve everything at once. It does take time so have patience. I remember a quote that someone told me once, ”Big Trees Grow Slowly”. Work through this slowly to ensure you set everything up probably. Discipline Thought and Discipline Action will get you a long way in establishing a solid sustainable business.

4. Identify any potential barriers and how you are going to overcome them. e.g Lack of time if you are working. Time management is key so ensure you work out a schedule that works for you. One thing that I have learn’t is to be consistent. Businesses are built by planning, sticking to the plan and having strategies to overcome any obstacles. People don’t plan to fail they fail to plan.

5. Consider how challenging and how confident you are of achieving your goal. If it is to challenging revisit your goal. It’s no good writing things down that you know you cannot achieve.

6. Consider how you are going to score yourself so you keep focused. It is critical that you reflect on how everything is going. When discussing with others that have used this plan this is the part that they tend to miss. Ask your self these question on a regular basis: How am I going? Is my goal right? Have I stuck to the Plan? What things have worked and what hasn’t? How am I feeling right now and why – what is the cause? What do I need to change if it is not working?

7. Consider how this will make you feel if you achieve your goal. This is the rewarding part. Imagine you could achieve all the things that you wanted to achieve. How good would it feel. Believe me you can do this, I am.

Follow this plan and you will set your pathways to establishing a long-tern sustainable business



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